Actually not expecting this to become real. I finally got the chance to study in a boarding school. I'm quite surprised to know about this news! Totally looking forward for it. I've done packing, excited much. Farewell, everyone. Will miss everyone in my old school. New school which means new challenges for me. New challenges which means I have to get stronger. Haha. Take care of yourself, everyone. Bye!

[Tutorial] GIFs on twitcon

aYO GG. ((excuse me, I'm currently addicted to SNSD's new song without knowing it smh))
So, my friends in my school had been asking me about this earlier.... and I can't really explain to them since I'm not good at explaining things LIVE on the show. HAHAHAHA. Are you ready? (drums rolls in the background and exploding noises of confetti) Let's go!

Okaaaaaaaay, first of all. All you guys need is... ehem:
1) A moving picture! (.gif file)
2) Photoscape or online image editor. You can google for it.
3) A twitter account, of course.

The next step is edit the moving picture into the proper size (170x170px) . Let me show you;;

This is the example of the .gif file

Next, get into the image editor. You can crop the picture or resize it to 170x170. I would prefer you guys to crop the picture instead. It's much more safer and doesn't make the pictures look weird. The picture will exactly look like this:

After you have done with the picture, you can now go to this website (

Click on the sign in button and it will lead you to this page. Follow the next instructions on the picture. CLICK THE PICTURE TO ENLARGE

I'm sorry for the messy tutorial. I hope this helped. Thanks!!!!! <33333