Hello there, everyone.
Nur Izzati here (but everyone just calls me Zaty) and you've just found my personal site. What brings you out to stumble upon this place, mhm? I'm actually not good at introducing myself but I would love to give it a try. It's better than nothing, am I right?

I'm just an ordinary 97-line girl and grew up in Malaysia. One of the students in the most popular boarding school in Malaysia, MRSM. Currently away from blogging for a semi-hiatus due to the lack chances of getting online and tend of getting hard on myself when it comes to blogging. The fandom I'm mostly obsessed right now is SHINee. I'm a multi-shipper but my current OTPs are OnKey and Minkey. Joined Facebook role-playing on 8th May 2011. It's a pleasure to meet each of you guys. Please enjoy your stay here!