Straight A's!

Thank God, that I got straight A's for PMR (a public examination in Malaysia for 15 teens). I should have update about this on the day I got this good news but since I have no internet connection and having difficulties that moment, I had to postpone this post until today. I missed a New Year post too (omg i'm now 16). I'm so happy to make my parents proud of me. This is the only gift I could give to them, I'm nothing to them but just a burden. I will be taking another public examination on the next two years. I hope the good fortunes be on my side for the next examination.

As 2013 has passed and I had nothing special to share the happiness, I would post a tutorial on how
to put gifs in twitcon. My friends had been asking me for this a few times so it's all good to help them. I love helping people \o/ hahahah

Well, goodbye for now.